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The rules are simple and require strict compliance. These forums are about science. They are not about social and political issues. Those themes should only be evoked in relation to a scientific inquiry or discussion. Discussions are meant to be centered on the Quanto-Geometric perspective on science, in particular theoretical physics and psychophysics. It is fine if you have your theory about the Universe or quantum science or UFO’s, but this may not be the right place to discuss it. The focus here is on New Physics and Precision Psychiatric medicine.


The Forum Rules

  • Always be courteous and civil.
  • Hold and argue your point of view without being disagreeable. And if you won’t get consensus, please agree to disagree.
  • No foul or derogatory language. No personal attacks. No innuendos.
  • No advertisement of any product. No link posting to sale products without meaningful content related to forum’s central topics.
  • No deceptive link posting to tricky downloads.
  • Please do not repost here contents of course or course questionnaires or ask for answers to course questions.
  • Do not provide answers to course quiz questions. Please flag those posts instead.
  • No fake AI videos impersonating other people or renown personalities.
  • If you are reposting videos or images, please make sure their attributions are clearly displayed.
  • Please keep to good citation practice when citing books or articles, per the academic standard.

Website Privacy Policy

While we encourage users to actively engage in open communication via our forums and other expression channels on pages by contributing comments and conversations related to physics and mental health, we remind users that the statements and opinions expressed in posted comments represent those of the party responsible for the posting and do not necessarily reflect our own views or goals. We do not guarantee that information posted by users is accurate, and disclaim any liability for loss or damages resulting from reliance on any such information. We do not endorse or support any private or commercial entity or the information, products or services contained on those websites that may be reached through links on our web pages.

In order to comply with the Massachusetts public records law, we do not utilize direct messaging or instant messaging via social media accounts, as these vehicles do not allow for permanent storage of public records. We ask all users coming in from Facebook and Twitter pages to respect these guidelines. We reserve the right to modify the social media policy at any time. We remain committed to creating opportunities for sharing appropriate information and fostering dialogue that reflects transparency.

Your privacy is very important to us. Simply stated, our policy is to collect no personal information about you, unless you affirmatively choose to make such information available to us. When you visit this website, the Web server automatically recognizes only the Internet domain and IP address from which you accessed the site. This information does not result in the identification of your personal e-mail address or other personal information. In addition, information is only gathered regarding the volume and timing of access to the site by collecting information on the date, time and pages you visited while at the site. This is done so that the content of the site can be improved, and your personal information is not identified. If you choose to share personal information, such as by subscribing to an e-newsletter, sending a message, or filling out an electronic form with personal information, the information will be saved for a designated period of time in order to comply with archiving policies of the state of Massachusetts. However, information will not be disclosed to third parties or other government agencies, unless required by state or federal law. Please note that Massachusetts  public records law requires that all information received in connection with state business be made available to anyone upon request, unless the information is subject to a specific statutory exemption.

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