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To Usher a new era in Physics …at Last…

What Your Donation will Do:

  1. Help put an end to so-called ‘armchair physics’ and the multiplication of unfalsifiable/unverifiable ‘dissident theories’ by focusing creative minds on a breakthrough solution that has been reached in fundamental physics for the first time.
  2. Help bypass the culture of staunch egos that has too many in the field dig their heads in the sand to not acknowledge true progress made by another actor.
  3. Foster a space of individual creativity exempt from both hypercompetition and hypertrophied artificial collaborations.
  4. Incent field actors to look into each other’s published works for more synergy and thus decisive progress in the field.
  5. Disseminate a long-awaited Unified Framework of fundamental physics for the advancement of the science in the form of New Physics that puts us closer to the inexplicable physics being officially witnessed out there and finally officially exposed to the public.

Your contribution will cover a program scholarship in the new study of Axiomatic Mathematical Physics as part of the New Physics. The program first offers a state-of-the-art 40-hour course load with final exam and a certificate. Below what the program specifically contemplates.

1. The initial program course will be available for free to any professional. It is a $500 course expended online with a support fascicle in print mailed to the student for further material reference. The student is accorded 30 days to complete the course once enrolled. See the course prelude.

2. If the participant successfully passes the initial program course with an outstanding or proficiency grade (A or B), he/she will receive at no cost an 800-page Monographic Tome thoroughly exposing the associated new research. The title of this Treatise: Quanto-Geometric Theory: Unified Physical Law Through Derivation of the Fundamental Physical Constants. This research provides vast groundworks for technological developments in New Physics.

3. All successful students are further permanently granted participation in the select scientific community incepted for the study and consolidation of this new theoretical physics framework.

4. From there, desirable participants will be eligible to receive further support in open research under this framework guidelines and to participate in a research review network giving the participant own body of work in general a fair chance of dissemination and published peer review within the network.

Enrollment in the program simply starts with taking the initial course: Quantum Physics You Can Understand

We are seeking your *direct help. to broadly disseminate this outstanding Theoretical Framework in the physics community.

Your contribution *in any amount* will help imprint a major change in theoretical physics by galvanizing physicists and physics enthusiasts around a notable and unprecedented advance in the field.


Make your Generous $ break
a new day in Physics.
Thank you!