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What your Donation will Do:

  1. Help end mental illness stigma by uncovering the formal psychophysics norm which naturally sets normal character and divergent behavior on the same dimensional line.
  2. Advance, expand and support effective mental health research.
  3. Break institutional and professional barriers to newly discovered solutions.
  4. Disseminate alternative research results that are just as good as mainstream research.
  5. Help strengthen mental health providers’ therapeutic capabilities with new tools.
  6. Vulgarize effective knowledge of Mentation, Behavior and Disorders among mental health advocates and the public at large.
  7. Help break decades-long gridlock in the field of Mental Health medicine between its many different players.
  8. Help end speculations in psychotherapy and deliver at last precision medicine in psychology and psychiatry owing to the discovery of the Etiological roots of all psychogenic mental disorders.

Your contributions will cover a program scholarship in the new study of Neural information processing, Neural topologies and Neurodivergence through Mathematical-Physics lens. The program first offers a state-of-the-art 40-hour course load with final exam and a certificate. Below what the program contemplates.

1. The course will be available for free to anyone with a cognitive or neural science background or interest in learning the subject. It is a $300 course expended online with expert instructional assistance. When the resources are available, the participant will further receive a hardcover textbook which underwrites the course, free of charge. The textbook will serve as a material to support ongoing learning but also as a reference remaining in the student’s possession after completing the course. The student is accorded 30 days to complete the course once enrolled. See the course preliminaries.

2. If the participant successfully passes the initial program course, and provided the scholarship resources are available, he/she will subsequently receive at no cost an 800-page Monographic Tome exposing the associated new research which includes new diagnostic techniques and therapeutic approaches in Psychopathology. The title of this Treatise: Functional Architecture of Human Mental – A reference psychophysics Treatise of Human Mentation and its Disorders.

3. All successful students are further permanently granted participation in the gated scientific community incepted for the study and consolidation of this new psychophysics clinical framework in Psychopathology.

4. From there, desirable participants will be eligible to receive further support in clinical research under this framework guidelines and access to a data sharing collaborative, visual and dynamic diagnostic tools, etc.

The content of the initial course represents an introduction to and training in this new Psychophysics approach to Mind and Neurodivergence, which bears a fulsome force comparable to the DSM-5, dubbed bible of psychiatry. This monographic treatise equally serves as a companion to the DSM-5 which it adjusts and corrects where appropriate, towards long-awaited delivery of precision mental health medicine. Enrollment in the program simply starts with taking the initial course: Mathematical Physics for Neural Science.

Note that this Treatise tellingly sits in the collections of a handful of major Health Sciences libraries at renown Universities worldwide, among which Oxford University, University of Cambridge, Université Paris – Cité, Harvard University, Cornell University, University of Montreal, McGill University, etc.: https://search.worldcat.org/title/1286636531.

We are seeking your *direct help* as an alternative to *official public funding* in the fight against mental illness, and to broadly disseminate this strong clinical tool among Mental Health providers.

Your contribution in any amount will help imprint a major change in public mental health by galvanizing medical professionals and mental health advocates around a notable and unprecedented advance in the field.


Make your Generous $ make a difference
for 1 Billion Mentally ill worldwide.
Thank you!