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      Russell E Preston in the late 1990’s kept the FBI busy in their role of protecting the then president Bill Clinton as this individual was imputing the president a charge of head of a group of cannibals, out of mental instability. He ended up killing two police officers at the Capitol whom he believed were members of the cannibal group threatening America. In the run up for him to stand trial, multiple interventions with assessing psychiatrists came to a diagnosis of Anosognosia for his behavior and actions. The video clip presents a case for Anosognosia as a qualified psychiatric entity. Says the video:

      “Anosognosia is exactly what I think he had. I believe that what my son had. … he lost his capacity to understand his illness. He went off his meds… and never took them again. He ultimately chose to take his life rather than take medication. – said a Mother of her son diagnosed with Anosognosia.


      Some people with Strokes, Brain tumors suffer from the same lack of insight – says the clinician. Russell Weston came to Washington DC to save the world from cannibals and killed two police officers while in this delusional state.
      Russell Weston – The cannibals, … I have control of the Ruby satellite system and they are being criminally prosecuted for murdering cannibalism. Then they say: Well, the Ruby Time Reverse system means that they are not permanently dead, so they cannot be criminally prosecuted for a murder.
      – How about you being prosecuted and having control of the time sweep…
      – Well, that’s not going to do anything…
      – Will that make them come alive by your choice.
      – Yes, I can do that.
      – But you wouldn’t?
      – I usually do not know.
      – If AG and Berry recommended an insanity defense, would you go along with it?
      – No.
      – Why not?
      – That is not consequential to my position.
      – First of all, do you perceive yourself as being mentally ill?
      – No.
      – Alright. Is that the primary reason that you would reject an insanity defense?
      – That’s correct, yes.”

      Continues with an expanded article here: https://qgmindarchitects.com/article-anosognosia

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