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..Theoretical Physics.. is about fundamental science. The role it plays in culture is unique in the sense that it is ubiquitous and has a tremendous impact on peoples’ lives everywhere, even though most do not get to see its face on the many circumstances and events of life. People are generally more familiar with technology and engineering as translations and applications of fundamental physics. Except when catastrophic events occur such as the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings which horrendously kill hundreds of thousands in a nuclear Armageddon, or perhaps severe uncontainable climate turmoils, the face of fundamental physics remains hidden to most. The victims or survivors of nuclear warfare or accidents indeed get to realize by experience that fundamental physics reach even deeper in human ontology than the macromolecular or biomolecular dimension of their human bodies. Governments of the world know that physics is the greatest cultural and scientific force they can dispose of, and this is where they commonly go for the secret answers to mysteries that trouble them with their vision of power or to have an edge over other nations on the world geopolitical stage. In the West, most governments have their own science concentrated in space programs and military confines, while the Academy runs its apparent own other science on its very own track. However, it is not possible to have two different sciences in a culture but indeed only one. The highest government institutions or Councils that define research policy for the national Academy represent the intersection between these two sectors of the scientific savoir-faire in society and  hold the umbrella that invisibly unifies them.

Two notable facts which have come to pass recently deserve persistent attention. The hegemonic imposition with which String Theory has been enforced in the Academy for most of the last 50 years has been judged by many to be unprecedented in physics. String Theory with its otherworldly Multiverse metrics made or broke careers of any physicist of the last generations as it strangely became a methodological sine qua non requisite for all public and private physics research grants. Unarguably, only the tentacles of power can achieve such a feat cross-institutions, much beyond of course the intolerance and exclusion spirit demonstrated by its proponents. Recent demise of String Theory was followed by an official release of UAP phenomena by the US Pentagon in 2019 per an extraordinary 2017 recorded sighting, all coming from government agencies which covertly knew of and recorded these phenomena for a long time, at least ever since President Jimmy Carter testified of their reality in the early 1970’s and promised to release the entire dossier. An unkept promise unfortunately.

At left video of a UAP capture by US Navy pilots released by the Pentagon. More:

https://www.navair.navy.mil/foia/documents   [Gofast and Gimbal downloads, or below videos]

https://www.fox5atlanta.com/news/jimmy-carter-ufo-sighting  [Pres. Jimmy Carter’s testimony]

https://www.theskepticsguide.org/podcasts/episode-105 [Pres. Jimmy Carter’s testimony]

In the process, the institutions of physics have become more and more tribal and hypercompetitive, feverishly grant-driven, unable to resolve a single fundamental problem, the list of which keeps growing instead, producing non sequitur and unrelenting speculative concepts injurious to fundamental logic and common sense, and ever more gregarious and sparking intolerance and exclusion. The chaos has come to a point where physics papers are now signed by more than 5000 “researchers” whose astronomical sum of genius do not produce for the massive amount of brain power any true advance, let alone of a groundbreaking nature, but mostly literature going straight to the archives for eternal sleep. For instance, the 5000 authors of the Higgs mass paper have no clue on the entailing Hierarchy problem associated with their experimentally computed mass. Long-haul fundamental research, which is what produces paradigmatic outcomes, is virtually dead along with its invaluable monographic publications. It is in this context that yet again Government has launched a $ multi-billion Quantum Initiative to seemingly spur the resolution of mysteries that trouble their vision of power, and continue to foot an establishment with captive public resources.

Just recently when a mathematician with research in cosmology wanted to publish in the physics journal of an Ivy League university a paper on Cosmic Background Radiation, the editor refused to publish the paper because in his words, “he is not going to publish any paper that does not come from a Physics or Astronomy Department.” Professor Avi Loeb at Harvard found himself isolated as well from the 40-year-old SETI organization prior to launch of his Galileo Project acting on the presence of extraterrestrial objects with technological signatures, as he was staging an academic response to the mysterious Oumuamua object and the unprecedented Pentagon report on UAP sightings. Since then, he has put together over two years a multidisciplinary team of scientists, engineers, and technicians covering a broad scientific spectrum actively working to make strides on this important issue.

In this group, we are interested in fundamental science, which cannot be developed other than from a multidisciplinary vantage. Because there are no silos in nature, no physics departments or chemistry departments or biology departments. What we see in the natural world is a scales spectrum, with objects and dynamics all subject to mathematical logic and accessible to mathematical formulation in one category or another as an ample common denominator. What this suggests is the existence of Unified Physical Law as the foundation of fundamental physics in the natural world. As a result of a 35-year long-haul research inquesting a broad panoply of scientific disciplines, we have indeed reached that Unification Framework as stipulated by visionary David Hilbert in his famous and ambitious yesteryear 6th Problem to solve in science, which we have otherwise denoted Axiomatic Mathematical Physics.

The thread line across this entire trajectory that we have chronicled above bears one name: incubation of the New Physics. Effectively without Unified Physical Law there is no understanding of UAP science and other extraterrestrial technological signatures, no understanding and harnessing of the metaverse metrics unsuccessfully pursued by String Theoreticians. There is not even anything further to harness from the Quantum Theory beyond the information age that it had given us. The reason being that harnessing post-quantum physics requires an intimate and deeply intelligible unraveling of quantum states when it comes to coherence and entanglement, basis of all viable quantum computing applications to date. Only reachable and effectively reached thru Unified Physical Law.

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