This mini desktop computer features an Adafruit Pi 2 Model B motherboard, with an ARM-class microprocessor, quad-core, 900 MHz to 1 GHz clock rate, 1 GB RAM, a 32GB microSD card for Hard Drive, (1) Ethernet port, and (4) USB 2.0 ports. Raspbian Pi OS pre-installed.

A budget computer for setting up a home intranet and primarily with the ability to create a home network environment free of annoying and abusive advertisements from the online advertisement networks. Connects to your physical network with a regular ethernet cord (RJ-45). Pre-installed the popular Pi-Hole software with Lighttpd web server. Once plugged in and finalized the configuration with your internet router, all your home PC’s and cell phones will enjoy the following:

  • Ad blocks everywhere and even when you are on the go
  • Ad blocks even in non traditional devices such as mobile apps on phones and smart TV’s
  • Reclaims full bandwidth of your broadband service for faster performance of all your devices
  • Special user interface to examine statistics of intrusion blocking activity and an API for deepening the stats.

Learn more about PI-Hole here.

This is an all plug-in deal. There is nothing to wire. Best to keep it close to the router so you can plug into it or bring the router over if possible. In addition you get the convenience of a wireless compact foldable keyboard with built-in mouse pad to make it all a slick conspicuous equipment that could even sit on your kitchen counter. Keep the mini keyboard anywhere you please, i.e. a counter drawer. You can even take it with you when away from home to use with your smartphone.

Join the Pi-Hole community to share the excitement of :

1- keeping a clean home intranet environment s and others to learn computing with available open-source software resources.

Not a desktop computer for common applications or tasks. With Raspberry Pi board inside and Adafruit Raspbian OS pre-installed, and a large suite of available mini accessory bare boards available out there,  will give you seat in a large and vibrant community of enthusiasts or double the fun if you are there already.

1.- Since the idea is fun, this hardware gives you a CPU metal enclosure with many goodies while being conspicuous enough to handle like a toy – New box. It can sink off the Pi CPU if you help it, though the product already ships with mounted CPU sink so you can play with overclocking or learn the art right away. Designed to conveniently fit at the back of any Monitor with VESA holes, older or newer spacing. Just snap and slide the box in or out. Ships with a Pi 1 Model B board – New.

2.- Plenty of spacing inside the enclosure to include mini barebone accessory boards attaching to the Pi’s pin line header. Features (3) Sub DB connectors for optional RS-232 or VGA outputs and other sub-miniature connectors. In most cases, ships with either a fully functional female DVI connector or a female VGA connector for connection to the Monitor’s video input. Connect computer CPU and Monitor externally via short 1.5 ft DVI/VGA cable provided. All makes for slick presentation whatever your project.

3.- Ships with a small 15” portrait or 17” landscape Monitor – Like New. Exact size depends on availability. So keeping it conspicuously small but not so small that you are strenuously frowning like at a 7” screen all the time. Both with VESA mounting holes. Mount CPU box at back of Monitor anytime, whether ongoing project with open enclosure or completed project ready for production or presentation. Crisp screen imaging display. In comparing portrait and landscape screen dimensions, keep in mind that a 17” landscape (newer) screen is a smaller screen than a 17” portrait (older) screen.

4.- Features (4) charging USB ports at bottom and (2) 12V DC jacks – 2.5mm barrels. Each jack either IN or OUT. Available current depends on your Power Supply cube. Ships with a 12V DC – 2.5A Power Supply.

5.- Side panel shows Power indicator light, an ON/OFF Switch and a Keylock with (2) Keys for safety- or security-sensitive projects. Ships with (1) USB-to-PS2 adapter/splitter for both your Keyboard and mouse. Keyboard and mouse of your choice, as might be suitable for your project, not provided in this offer. See my separate offers. 

6.- Pi board with a reliable (class 10) 32GB microSD card, 700MHz to 1GHz clock rate. All user instructions included.


Following are just some examples of projects you can use this computer for:

1.- Digital Frame box broadcasting photos and/or artistic images or messages, like a slide show, to multiple Displays, whether in a domestic or organizational environment. Directly via cable  Ethernet (Network jacks) or wireless transmitter/receivers (many different implementations).

2.- Full Weather Station to keep a forecasting handle on the weather in your area, for which you will need weather sensors such as AHT20 sensors, all plentifully available out there.

3.-  Video Surveillance in many different capacities, from simple with one camera to very sophisticated with multiple cameras and analytics of footage. As is, plug a camera into the yellow video composite jack or one USB port and watch yourself on Monitor with the installed VLC software, or see this footage from a remote computer on your local network. Or even on smartphone if you add a wireless USB dongle.

4.- Home Controls to automate the timing, activation and deactivation of utility devices such as lighting, sprinklers, AC/heating, entry gate lock, etc. in residential and organizational environment.

5.- Network-Attached Storage (NAS) whereby all of your digital content is stored in one single place in your domestic environment and saves you from accumulation of a world of different things on different devices. This computer acts as your watchdog librarian that files and retrieves everything for you from the repository in the closely attached NAS.

6.- Last but not least, Network privacy watchdog for your internet activities by stripping your local network of all contacts and exchanges with the invasive and pervasive online advertising networks. At the same time, will make your internet navigation on all your devices a lot easier and more pleasurable by recovering all the bandwidth that these abusive invaders steal from your local domestic network. Directly implementable with software on this device, i.e. the popular Pi Hole software.

7.- … and more.

All the apps required for these projects are free open-source software freely available for download, per info on your instruction sheet. Pre-installed on the machine for your convenience the Gnome Epiphany browser, a lightweight internet browser.



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