The objective of this course is to introduce the foundations of Quantum Physics in a way that makes its many intractable aspects completely intelligible to most. Very importantly, while demystifying quantum concepts, this course also introduces the student to the New Physics perspective on the natural world. If you are interested in applying quantum science to any other professional discipline or experimenting with quantum computation tools, a clear and logical understanding of quantum concepts is indispensable.

At the end of this course, you will have a proficient grasp of the following concepts:

  • The role of zero (0) in mathematics
  • The nature of the vacuum in coordinate space
  • Classical wave mechanics v. quantum wavefunction
  • Quantum Field Theory’s Momentum space notion
  • Ontological role of the quantum wavefunction in particles’ physics
  • De Broglie and Compton wavelength figures
  • The Quantum state of Superposition
  • The Quantum state of Entanglement
  • Atomic Orbitals


You must have at least a High School level of education for this course to be profitable. Basics of High School physics are not explained in this text but assumed part of the student’s background. Some level of Physics 101 is a plus in terms of pre-requisites.


Special emphasis on coherent and intelligible explication of constructs that makes them accessible to common sense. No mystifying math whose presentation is kept at a minimum.

If you should prefer a delivery in spoken language, please turn on the voice lecturer under the PLAY button on the lesson page.


A list of about 2 dozen questions is provided at the end of each lesson for the student to juggle his/her understanding of the study material. At the end of the course, there will be a final evaluation. Passing the final exam with an A or B grade entitles the student to a certificate of proficiency. Passing the course with a C grade entitles the student to a certificate of completion. A D grade or below means a fail and no issuance of certificate.

Why You Should Take This Course

Are you finding yourself wondering “Why should I take this course? I am a seasoned physicist already.” This course presents a new and unifiying perspective of quantum physics. It clarifies and deepens the understanding of the nature of the quantum wavefunction, a fundamental yet long intriguing and mystifying variable in quantum physics. This course also provides sound logical basis for the interpretation of several other key and otherwise controversial quantum constructs, dispelling the magical and obtuse understanding they have been subject to thus far in the science. The overall understanding of physics resulting from this course will prepare you for strong contributions to any development within the framework of the technological Quantum Initiatives underway worldwide. Challenge yourself to a novelty for a solid addition to your professional skills and capacities in physical science, and that’s a promise.



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