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How Much Will IT Cost? —–——–

If you have been paying attention to these remarks and decide to go forward with this implementation, I can guarantee anyone countless benefits and a sure source of great satisfaction as you go down the path of more technological knowledge, interaction with thriving communities around them, and more exciting projects to fill your time and life with.

If you decide to pass or procrastinate, next time you hear that the 1% is exponentially getting richer and richer, while the 99% is getting more deprived or poorer, and you feel that you are more part of the 99%, please wonder not and ask no one the question why. Please do not retrench in the usual liberal or conservative political or socio-economic definitions. They do not exist univocally, they can only exist dually and bijectively, making everyone both a liberal and a conservative. The heavy-handed big fish in the pond that want to hustle and box every one into one or the other corner are simply addictively maladapted and want to stir the pond so they can have their bully way.

Effectively, last time I checked, every human being was indeed happy with the two sides of their bodies. Happy with the left side, left-side leg and toes together with left-side arm, hand and fingers being in a passive role, and following the lead of their right-side limbs which are usually the ones sparking free initiative. Nobody wanted to slash apart the two chiral sides of their bodies, and pretend to be only one side of it, and reject the other side. Everybody was happy with their left eye and the wider stereotaxic vision it provided them, nobody wanted to get rid of it and pretend that the right eye is their best one and make it the only one they want to have and keep. Nobody, but nobody wanted to plug the hole in their left-side ear and destroy or discard that eardrum because they presumably wanted to live with sounds of the world coming in thru the right-side eardrum only. Everyone wanted to adamantly keep for themselves the richness of stereophonic hearing. And when I asked the question about which brain hemisphere they wanted to keep in order to be a better and most authentic liberal or a better and most authentic conservative, because brain asymmetry is real functionally-speaking, they told me that huh, huh, they wanted to sleep on it! Funny thing is that they all had dreams of brainwashing on it (sic)! So:

A bon entendeur, salut!

The great news is that you can do all those things that we discussed without breaking the bank. If you’ve been an owner of the Raspberry Pi microcomputer, chances are you have at least one of the latest versions and maybe even a few spares of earlier versions as an enthusiast of the Raspberry Pi culture. And if you now want to do something that is both personally and socially deeply meaningful, time to make a decent computing station out of one of them. A good pre-owned 15″ LCD Monitor with a keyboard/mouse set pulled from your attic or basement dust or a commercially refurbished set of choice. And voila: a conspicuous but decent desktop computer with the ability to sustain a home intranet at no or utterly minimal cost to you. Let me make sure to suggest two things:

  • preferably use a small monitor, no bigger than 15″ portrait or 17″ widescreen. The older the version of your Raspberry Pi, the better the performance if you choose to run it with a smaller monitor. Will make a bigger difference than overclocking the Pi. That said, I do not recommend for this station a 7″ LCD monitor or anything that small, simply inappropriate and, shall we say, undignifying for the task!
  • do not use any version prior to Pi 2 Model B (2014), if you want to have the feel of minimally reasonable screen-to-screen browsing throughout the graphical user interface. And beware that Pi 2 Model B+ (2014) specifically has an undesirable boot quirk that may complicate and frustrate projects.

Most people are estranged to the Raspberry Pi culture however. And many may already be familiar with home automation systems for home appliance controls such as sprinklers, gate openers, interior and exterior lighting, etc. Keep in mind that a home automation system of the kind can well coexist with the infrastructure we are discussing, Should you want to implement a new one rather, it can be deployed within the very home computing system that we are proposing. To implement a home automation system on this infrastructure by yourself, several software programs are available at no cost with communities of users and enthusiasts around them, and you can do so at a fraction of contracting cost if you were to put a contractor on the job.

So let’s get started, shall we?

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