The Key Asset of the Internet —–——–

The oncome of the Internet in the decade of the 1990’s brought to the fore an effervescence of individual initiatives and ensuing prosperity by cutting the traditional selective distribution chains and allowing the average Joe to participate in the marketplace like he never could before. From the average marginal city dweller to the remote farmer with little chances, human beings found in ecommerce liberation and empowerment of their potentials. To the point that Allan Greenspan, head of the Federal Reserve, famously said then that “the Internet changed the economy”. However, it only took two decades, from 1997 to 2017, for the addictive monopolistic forces to completely destroy the openness and accessibility of the ecommerce marketplace with a string of unethical business practices directly coming out of the abusive urges of addiction to money. We now have a complex of just a few online marketplaces combined with search portals or just one dominant search portal, all of which along the way decimated mom and pop stores, and shopping malls, all across America. They utilized an unprecedented level of stealthy tracking in scope and depth re-concocted in Advertisement networks. This complex generates mountains of population and societal data to now create and fuel an AI agency whose ultimate and undisclosed mission is to indiscriminately replace workers in their jobs and professions at the benefit of their selling owners. We have seen this movie before, massive closings of business outfits across America and migration to China, with subsidies from the very laid off taxpayers’ moneys!

Technology and the ignorance of its inner workings is one of the preferred tools and means of addiction to money. Knowledge is by far one of the best ways to combat it and claim back one’s capitalist right to privacy, your capitalist right to keep your hard-learned profession and craft for yourself and not give it away in subreptitiously self-training AI agents poised to kick you out of your means of livelihood once at top of their game. Knowledge will help you claim back your capitalist access right to a free, open and broad marketplace for your potentials and personal creativity to thrive. And do not for once believe that the inflated hyper-competition in these artificial marketplaces of the day, with tens of thousands of sellers for every one item, is not a direct product of very little competition in their own rank and standing, after they’ve strained and stripped the entire national and global landscape of private initiative. So, the computer you own and paid your money for, now they want to grab it from you by overwatching your every keystroke with a co-pilot AI agent as your shadow. Been a while now that they have turned your computer into their own slave, or indeed a client machine in technical terms, by making the connection to the internet a permanent condition, which it does not have and never had to be. How do you prevent your life business, and your business intelligence if you own a business, to go sit in their remote “cloud”, so you can get a fair capitalist chance of an equitable playing field and ultimately get rewards commensurate with your potentials and abilities?

There is something called the “Software Transparency Act” which has been enduring the endless fairy sleep in the drawers of Congress since its conception. The reason why it will never pass is because universal Knowledge is not their friend and they’ve been forever banking on the public’s ignorance of the inner workings of information technology and technology at large. So, the TCP/IP communication protocol, the internet infrastructure, web technologies and client-server technologies represent the knowledge complex that the common person needs to become familiar with in order to reclaim and regain one’s capitalist rights to privacy, private initiative, fair competition and a chance at sensible accumulation of wealth, away from the hustling grips of ubiquitous addiction to money.

At the same time, the average person will also want to start a program of implementing those technologies in his/her own residential or domestic environment in his/her own terms. Believe me that it can be fun, as fun as completing projects and enjoying the benefits of their realizations.

What is it that I am I talking about?

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