Langeloh MC series —–——–

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Langeloh MC is a mini desktop computer featuring a micro Adafruit Pi 2 Model B motherboard, with an ARM-class microprocessor, quad-core, 900 MHz to 1 GHz clock rate, 1 GB RAM, a 32GB microSD card for Hard Drive, (1) Ethernet port, and (4) USB 2.0 ports. Keep in mind that ARM processors have a different and less copious architecture than the more common x86 processor architecture in standard desktops. Also in Pi motherboards, speed of USB ports is divided among them. Raspbian Pi Operating System (OS) pre-installed. Equipped with a miniature wireless keyboard featuring foldability and a built-in mouse pad.

A budget computer for setting up a home intranet and primarily with the ability to create a home network environment free of annoying and abusive advertisements from the online advertisement networks. Connects to your physical network with a regular ethernet cord (RJ-45). Pre-installed the popular Pi-Hole software and Lighttpd web server. Once plugged in and finalized the configuration with your internet router, all your home PC’s and smartphones will enjoy the following:

  • Ad blocks everywhere and even when you are on the go
  • Ad blocks even in non traditional devices such as mobile apps on phones and smart TV’s
  • Reclaims full bandwidth of your broadband service for faster performance of all your devices
  • Special user interface to examine statistics of intrusion blocking activity and an API for deepening the stats.

Learn more about PI-Hole here.

This is an all plug-in deal. There is nothing to wire. Best to keep it close to the router so you can plug into it or bring the router over if possible. In addition you get the convenience of a wireless compact foldable keyboard with built-in mouse pad to make it all a slick conspicuous equipment that can perfectly sit on your kitchen countertop if you so choose. Keep the mini keyboard anywhere you please, i.e. inside a counter drawer. You can even take it with you when away from home to conveniently use with your smartphone, while your Langeloh computer remains totally unperturbed.

1.- Since the idea is to join the fun to the utilitarian, the mini Langeloh CPU hardware box gives you a CPU metal enclosure with many goodies while being conspicuous enough to handle like a toy in your hand. It can sink off the Pi CPU chip when optionally overclocking if you help it. Designed to conveniently fit at the back of any Monitor with VESA holes, older or newer spacing. Just snap and slide the box in or out, and instantly change the monitor to the fit of the moment or circumstance.

2.- Plenty of spacing inside the enclosure to include mini barebone accessory boards attaching to the Pi’s pin line header. Features (3) Sub DB connectors for optional RS-232 or VGA outputs and other sub-miniature connectors. Ships with either a fully functional female DVI port or a female VGA port for connection to the Monitor’s video input. Connect computer CPU and Monitor externally via short 1.5 ft DVI/VGA cable provided. All makes for slick presentation whatever your project. Feel of a solid product.

3.- Includes a small 15” portrait or 17” landscape Monitor. Exact size depends on availability. So keeping it conspicuously small but not so small that you are strenuously frowning like at a 7” screen all the time. Both with VESA mounting holes. Mount CPU box at back of Monitor anytime, whether ongoing project with open enclosure or completed project ready for production or presentation. Crisp screen imaging display. In comparing portrait and landscape screen dimensions, keep in mind that a 17” landscape screen is a smaller screen than a 17” portrait screen.

4.- Features (4) charging USB ports at bottom and (2) 12V DC jacks – 2.5mm barrels. Each jack either IN or OUT. Available current depends on your Power Supply cube. Ships with a 12V DC – 2.5A Power Supply.

5.- Side panel shows Power indicator light, an ON/OFF Switch and a Keylock with (2) Keys for safety- or security-sensitive projects. Keylock blocks shutting the station down once powered up or blocks turning the station on once powered down.



Langeloh Piggyback CPU box: All-New
Mini Blue-Tooth Keyboard: New
19″ Widescreen Monitor: New



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Standalone Langeloh MC box
————— $149.00
17″ Widescreen Monitor – New
——–————— $39.00
Foldable Blue Tooth Keyboard
—————— $25.00

Langeloh ITX series —–——–

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Langeloh ITX is a robust computing hardware and software lineup for a solid and enhanced realization of a home computing network infrastructure as discussed. Built as a piggyback CPU hardware unit at the back of a 19″ LCD Monitor and comes with a Blue-Tooth keyboard featuring foldability and a built-in mouse pad. Features an x86 microprocessor with Quad-Core processing (Intel i5), 3.4 GHz high clock rate, (2) PS/2 convenient ports, (2) USB 2.0 and (2) fast USB 3.0 ports, all full speed, (1) HDMI, (1) DVI and (1) VGA versatile graphic ports. With (2) Ethernet network ports, ready for network-intensive tasks. 500GB in primary disc storage and 8 GB RAM.

Two internal Mini SATA ports for optional wireless connectivity, and two microSD sockets for additional storage with optional SD cards. One serial COM RS-232 port for legacy connectivity.

Very convenient full-size wireless Keyboard if you decide to directly work at the machine. Size similar to a laptop keyboard with slim contour. Keep it anywhere you please, i.e. fold it and keep it inside a counter or desk drawer. You can even take it with you when away from home to conveniently use with your smartphone, while your Langeloh server computer remains totally unperturbed.

Main part of the machine has very small footprint limited to foot of monitor stand which takes no or very minimal space away from your countertop or desktop. Machine highly secured with Keylock to prevent intrusion or unauthorized use. Keylock blocks shutting the station down once powered up or blocks turning the station on once powered down. Easily upgradable hardware, simply detach and open the Langeloh CPU box (just 3 screws). Allows you to unceremoniously change your hardware components, even the monitor, upgrade, adapt, as your needs evolve and not have to discard, waste money spent and spend once more in a new equipment.

With Microsoft Windows Server OS and Microsoft IIS web server and more pre-installed, this machine, in conjunction with your internet router, delivers the full home networking or intranet infrastructure required to secure integrity of personal or family data, provide in-house based email messaging, block advertising intrusion with bandwidth reduction collateral, provide domestic portal exposure for successful profitable participation in e-commerce under a new paradigm, and otherwise provide desired exposure to your host community and the larger societal body. For the latter, included a simple HTML editor for easy authoring of web pages by inexperienced user. With experience, user can install popular open-source WordPress or other for more powerful website authoring as might be convenient. Use remote desktop with any other household computer whenever best appropriate to conveniently access the resources and services provided by this machine.

Last but not least, despite it size and very small footprint with an ITX CPU, and in catering to its assigned functions, this machine features a respectable server architecture based on RAID redundancy with two Hard Drives totaling 1 Terabyte.

For expansive remarks on reasons for and benefits of exploiting this machine, see this discussion.


Langeloh Piggyback CPU box: combo New & pre-owned parts. Motherboard and Mini Enclosure with Power Supply electronics totally New. Other pre-owned components submitted to strict quality control.
Full-size Blue-Tooth Foldable Keyboard: New
19″ Widescreen Monitor: Reconditioned Grade A (Like New)
All installed software programs with License keys



More Options

Standalone Langeloh ITX box
—–———– $339.00
19″ Monitor Reconditioned Grade A
——–————— $49.00
Foldable Blue Tooth Keyboard
——–—————– $25.00

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